[Vwdiesel] seatbelt question

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 14:49:50 EDT 2005

I agree.  Take it apart.

I had to fix one in my Corrado a while back, and for
the retractor, it was just a cover that snapped on.  I
had to use a screwdriver to pop it apart, but it was
farily easy.

There will likely be a *really* long spring in there
(was in mine) that is supposed to retract it.  That
will probably want to pop out, so be careful.  If it
comes out, it will involve a very frustrating time of
rewinding it.  (Ask me how I know!)

If you can't get it together, you really are no worse
off than before.  You could also consider just getting
a generic, manual adjust seatbelt and bolt it in


--- Mark Shepherd <mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> $409
> Shit I'd sell my wife for that...
> Shalyn surely this is only a dry grease type
> problem?
> This centre belt is the least used in the car eh?
> so it's not likely to be excessive wear...
> How can you develop a phobia over a length of cloth,
> a coil
> spring and a wratchet with a sloppy weight?
> When  you've spent the last 6 months fighting a
> grizzly bear
> of a problem with your head shards!
> Take it apart slowly and if it's fixable you'll
> certainly
> work it out...
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