[Vwdiesel] Adding a turbo to a NA car...

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Fri Jun 10 00:45:16 EDT 2005

  I have one with that done to it and "one of these days" I'll do it to 
the Rabbit as well.  I wanted the whole banana so I used Total 
Seal rings, Raceware, a windage tray on the Rabbit and added 
"oil squirters" (not the actual things but oil jets to the bottoms of 
the pistons).
  Find out the yards with VW's and call around.  Keep calling every 
couple weeks.  Check ebay, ask members of the list to keep an 
eye out for parts, etc.  You need a Jetta (or rare, Rabbit) exhaust 
manifold.  Transverse or inline intake, but you need the transverse 
elbow if you get an inline manifold.  Turbo oil pan, turbo, oil supply 
line, return line, turbo oil filter housing or drill and tap yours and 
get the fitting from a turbo filter housing.  The filter to turbo "hose" 
and filter are nice as well as the fuel filter bracket.
  You can bolt one on and not "need" a pyrometer but in the case 
of my Dasher,  a bad injector nearly holed a piston. That's much 
more likely with a TD than an NA and the fueling was untouched. 
Knowing your EGT can tell you about something like that before 
it damages anything.
  You'll get nearly full boost with stock fueling.  After you experience 
a turbo, you'll really want to turn up your fueling.  :-)  You can turn 
it up a fair amount without a bunch of smoke and without a TD pump.

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