[Vwdiesel] Seeking experience or data on Petter stationary diesels

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Thank you for this.  That was also good to point out the prospect of
damaging the babbit in the lower rod bearing.  I hope I haven't deformed
that too much already.

I did put compressed air in the thing yesterday. When the pressure overcame
the frictional grip under the hose clamp of the attaching 2" diameter hose
holding the valving, guage, pipe fittings piece that I'd fabricated to
insert the air, it came off the engine intake pipe explosively with much
force and messed up my thumb pretty nicely.  So much for the compressed air
idea.  The test was helpful though in showing me the condition of my valve
seals.  It needs a valve job!

I've decided to pull the head and have a look, do some cleaning and valve
job as necessary.

I had a reply from an engine firm in England.  It appears that my engine is
a Petter PJ1.  10 HP @ 1800 RPM.  That means we have a 5-6 kW plant.  That
is just spot on for my needs!!!!!


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> To unstick a stuck piston...
> remove head and injector.  make a dummy injector with a grease nipple on
> outside.  Ensure valves are good, refinish the valves if necessary... it
> will eventually need to be done anyway, clean out any cooties in the bore,
> fill the bore with cheap grease, leave the valves closed. reinstall head,
> and your injector with the grease nipple. Greaseguns make around 2000psi,
> more in line with what you need to free a stuck piston.  Pump grease until
> the piston is free of the bore.  (oh, you've disconnected the rod already,
> and make sure it CAN come out the bottom.  Some can't with the crank in.
> Soaking with oil is a sure way to have this still sitting around in ten
> years. If a diesel sticks, it's usually from either water getting in, or
> was a fresh rebuild in a tight bore. You can blow your head off (the skull
> shaped one) by using compressed air to try to unstick it.  Never use
> anything that is compressible on something that is stuck. That's called an
> airgun/bomb. baaaaad.  Use incompressible fluids, grease etc, never air.
> never never never.  If it decides to spew chunks, they fly with a great
> velocity imparted by the energy contained in the compressed gas.  If you
> grease, oil, etc, and the block completely fractures into tiny bits, the
> energy contained is tiny, and the bits drop to the floor.
> by the way, DO NOT try to force the flywheel.  you will damage the rod
> bearing, it it probably not a bronze bearing, but a babbit bearing, and
> forcing it will squeeze out the good bits.
> -James
> (old engine guy)
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