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> All this talk about freeing stuck things reminds me of a TRUE and very 
> funny (to me) story.
> My grandfather was an Advent Christian minister in Maine.  Every year all 
> the AC churches in southern Maine would gather for "Camp Meeting".  It was a 
> week long revival.  The campground was probably a 1/2 mile diameter ring of 
> cottages owned by various church individuals.  
> In the mid fourties there was a fellow who felt that the center ring of 
> cottages was getting too crowded for his comfort, so he decided to move his 
> cottage back from the center ring.  He jacked it up and put the cottage on 
> rollers.  He then took his relatively new auto (not a vw diesel) and drove it up to 
> the cottage and attempted to push the cottage on the rollers.  When he could 
> not get it to budge he had the brilliant idea of getting a running start.  He 
> drove to the other side of the campground and accelerated full bore into his 
> cottage.  100% true.
> The majority of the cottage did not move.  I don't think his car did much 
> after that either.  He fared better than the car or cottage.
> Andrew
> P.S.  The physics of that interaction can be applied to removing fasteners, 
> bearings, freeing stuck pistons, etc.  All are aspects of diesel vw 

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