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I got the inner all torn apart. During the disassembly the joint came apart
and all the balls came out. I got it all cleaned up and put back together.
Do you think I messed up by letting it fall apart like that? It is a tight
fit with it together, no wear from what I can see. Good thing I would say. I
didn't drive it around but a day with the boot torn so not much dirt got in
there. Yea, taking the axle out was easy. I'm going to clean it up one more
time really good before assembly to make sure no dirt is inside the joint
and then assemble.  I also spoke to AA transmissions in Washington State.
They deal with this type of tranny all the time. They said that mine is a
pressed on axle shaft to the tranny and it will be tough getting off, I just
have a cupped washer in back keeping pressure on the circlip. So I need to
just pull the circlip and pull the assembly off. I'm going to try and hit it
this weekend. The girls will be in bible school most the day on Saturday so
I have about five hours to hit it. 
So far the car is running great. I'm going to start on my 2.5inch down pipe
this weekend as well. Can't wait to get it on with the 2.5 inch exhaust to
see how it runs and take the cat off.  We had some hot weather here the past
few days with it reaching 98F. Car ran great and didn't run warm at all. I'm
pleased with that. I'm going to call CarQuest, Napa, for the CV boot kits.
AutoZone and Advance Auto have them. I just wish everything wasn't mail
order. Seems it always breaks on a Thursday and I have to wait a week for
parts to come in.  

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it something I can get local like at
Auto Zone?

  Oh, some aftermarket boots are rather stiff and won't last long at all.  
If it's not a LOT like the original, order an orginal type kit.  Not worth 
doing a few month later all over again!
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