[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 163 ---- ( Paradise gained --Paradise lost )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jun 17 13:49:04 EDT 2005

When I came to Vancouver BC Canada  in the fall of 1962  ?   it was  Paradise.

The first thing I noticed was that , pedestrians  had the right-away  100%.  ---- strange ? EH ?.

Now when I look at TV in the morning and see the ----LA   mayhem ?.  ------ What went wrong ?

GREED   pure and simple -----  Vancouver BC  , became  " HONGCOUVER " ---------- Let a
Chinese  get  a real estate license ? ---that did it.   Paradise lost  ----.

What was it like ? coming to Paradise ?  ---great absolutely GREAT ---Deer-tag 25 cents Can.
The place was teeming with fish prawns clams and mussels  --- Trees with   tops reaching for
the sky ----200 feet 300 feet tall ?  ---- Clean Air  clean Water  ----a strange Right wing regime
of  Wacky Bennett and  Flying  Phil  ---the preacher   Gaglardi.     ----(flying ? Phil ?  due to the many 
speeding tickets he got )  ------------He was highways minister  and did he build super roads
or what.? .   Wacky   nationalized  BC Hydro  and the Ferry system  etc. ----

Phil when asked by a reporter  ---why his church was not full on Sundays -- said 
that is was because they think they are already in HEAVEN.   

And heaven it was  ---to me ----    did I bring more family  members  here ?   --not one.
Only my Amerikan wife ---Louanne.

I wound up  working with chief Dan George  " Little big man "------and I heard him give his
soliloquy  in Empire Stadium BC  in front of about 70 000  spectators.

I swear you could have heard a pin drop .---  ( 1967 )    ---- any decent person would have
been touched .     --- I felt for the Natives ----had I known before leaving Denmark ?
would I have come here ? --NEVER NEVER NEVER.-------Read my Lips.

We   (the immigrants)  were all DUPED ---by London UK.

I for one is totally ashamed.  ----and may give my land back to the rightful owner when I leave or

Hagar .      ( the duped immigrant)   ----yes I was lured here.

PS :   They even paid my fare. ---  Under Danish laws at the time they were violating the law
It was against Danish law to lure skilled people. To another country.  This was done
by OTTAWA  with the blessing of London UK.  ---- That explains all those super German
trades-people I met here ---Skilled beyond imagination. (Real craftsmen)

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