[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 165 --- ( Fathersday 2005 )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jun 19 11:37:26 EDT 2005

Glorious day for  DIY  VW Diesel  fanatics.

Sleep in to at least 0600 , then Mother (Louanne) tiptoes in with a cold beer on a tray.

She turns on Radio Herz  ----gives you a copy of   Diesel Engine Management 
by  Robert Bosch.  ----and  glides out in the kitchen.

Enter  favorite  grand daughter    Hope  (Hopie) Doig.   ---about 7 years of age.  --------

She has the biggest cutest (she hates them)  ears on any little girl Hagar ever saw.
They are big all right ..BUT they do not listen too good. (elephant ears in the family)

Hagar is dreaming again ? --EH ? -- for sure.    ----   BUT   I still say   today is your
chance to    " Hillbilly Tune "     that  Rabbit  ----  take all day if you like.  ---and it
will take a full day and then some.

When your 20 year OLD Rabbit  1984 1.6 L  Turbo   RUNS  like a Rabbit and
delivers 78 miles to a gallon Imp ----you got her very close to perfection.

Jettas should get a tad more Smileage at high speeds.---than the Rabbit "Brick".

A barrel of Dino     59 dollars US yesterday ?----are you really wasting time TUNING ?.

I phoned my Dad in Denmark from Canada  many years ago ---to wish him Happy Fathers day
only to discover that he had died. ---on the way to the hospital --his lungs filled up with fluid.

A la Mark Twain  --- when I left for the USA  --boy was he stupid-----BUT    when   I returned
---amazing how much he had learned

Signing off be wishing you all --a really good Farthers  Diesel day.--------USE IT.


PS : and thanks to ALL of you who helped me getting my computer working again
it NEVER worked better than today. -------- is that an Omen ?..

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