[Vwdiesel] Re: headless EuroVan - rings/valve cover ooze?

rOLf peCHUkas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Mon Jun 20 09:08:31 EDT 2005

thanks Loren
I think it's do-able - pan is clear to remove, I have most of my tools 
with me
have a drill (but not my hone, sadly)(I actually do own one)

the pistons actually move in the bores
I can wiggle them about 1mm (maybe not that much, but noticeably and 
visibly, side to side, around and around - there's definitely movement, 
but not much if any ridge, so I thought I could get em out easy enough 
- thought it'd be nice to tighten up the bottom to meet the 
tightened-up head on top)
that's why I was thinking do 'em

any ideas on how to improvise a hone, a groove cleaner? no auto parts 

it's definitely goo, not just oil
highly emulsified with air, but dense, almost like a foam rubber

could this still be a grommet?
or is it definitely blow-by?

oil I'm using is 15-40w petro
(but I am intending to switch over to high-oleic Canola, which 
apparently has better lubricity and almost as good durability
since I'm running on veggie already, I can filter it into the fuel tank 
when I'm done!)
(now THAT would be the wrong oil)(but I'm 2/3rds all-veggie already - 
B100 in the diesel tank, WVO in the veggie tank - looking forward to 
veggie in the sump as well)

thanks for all the tips!

Side-of-the-Road, Leverett, MA

On Jun 20, 2005, at 8:46 AM, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   You have to pull the pan first. if that looks easy (no cross members 
> in the
> way, etc) then it might be worth doing on the side like that.  My 5000 
> in no
> way would be!  Have to drop the suspension down, pull a brace at the
> bellhousing, tight fit all around.
>   Once the pan's off then you pull the rod caps, push the pistons out 
> the
> top, pull the old rings and clean out the grooves.  You'll need a 
> hone, a
> little
> oil and a drill.  Hone the cylinders up good!  Then wipe out, wash 
> with soap
> and water and rinse well.  Then assemble the pistons/rings and put back
> in the original holes.   Doable but not a quick process.  You may want
> new rod bearings while you're in there.  It can easily go either way.  
> I'm
> a strong believer in either Total Seal rings or spending the $10/hole 
> to
> have your second rings converted by them.
>   Your goo problem could partly be a bad grommet.  The thing on there
> has a valve in it that prevents too much air flow, like a runaway, I
> beilieve.
> Goo rather than just black oil weep makes me suspicious that you may
> be using incorrect oil.
>   New rings would be a good move but not sure how much you want to
> try doing it on the side of the road.  A ring groove cleaner is a 
> fantastic
> tool ANY time you do one!
>      Loren

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