[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 166 ---- ( Smog in Toronto ? --- nein --niemals )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jun 21 15:54:09 EDT 2005

My Amerika   the " smelting "  pot----has become the  " smokepot "   ---according to 
my observations.

Coal burning greedy scumbags --slimebags ---learned those words in Texas.

My Amerika was 1953      ----and it was Amerika the beautiful   -----yes the  KKK had to go ?
I was in the deep south at the time  ----and progress was made.

I am white as a maggot so did the KKK like me ? ----sure did------BUT did I like them ?


What ? does this have to do with Rabbit diesels ?  ---everything.     It has to do with
attitude and how to reduce   fuel consumption.   THAT in turn is connected  to smog.

If the mindset is WRONG ? we will never sort out the problems . ----PERIOD.

And the  selfish "Hummer" mentality is wrong IMHO.-------the slimebags,scumbags in LA
who use it as a statement of their political stripe or how RICH they are ?  ----while little old
ladies can not heat the house in their retirement ?  ----if THAT does not make
you think ----YOU are a slimebag. ------------- during a fuel crisis in the past
I wrote a letter to --NIXON---saying that Heffner wasting fuel on a black Jet
was an affront to us who try to conserve fuel. ----------Never got an answer -----BUT it stopped flying.

Remember the lineups ? at the Pumps ?    that was the time.

We are getting to the NO line at the pumps   ---pretty soon.   NO fuel period.

Many many years ago I Hagar  saw a book at the library ---it was written by an  Amerikan
petroleum engineer -----in his book was a graph ---showing the end of oil.
 At that time a barrel of Saudi crude was one dollar --eleven cents US. ---NOT bad eh ?.

And Libyan crude was the sweetest crude in the world  ----just put it in the Rabbit ---NO refining
necessary. --------- I am quoting an American Petroleum Engineer.---I met.

Hagar .      the smog eater.

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