[Vwdiesel] normal running temp

Chris Granju carstuff at fiataccompli.com
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point taken.  I guess my experience has been with gauges & senders that were
pretty consistent thru the different year model variations, locations,
etc....and, that has been with Italian-made FIATs rather than the solidly
engineered German VWs....go figure!   Chalk one up for the sexier cars for
that one!

no worries, just curious.   All indications are my temp's fine & calibrating
or double checking either are well within my ability.

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> Chris Granju wrote:
> > but where is 'normal' on the stock gauge?   Seems most factory temp
> > are calibrated such that 'normal' ends up somewhere in the lower 1/2 of
> > gauge.  w/o any numbers go by, I don't know if the 3rd tick is hot, cold
> > normal...know what I mean?
> Where "normal" is varies from gauge to gauge and sender to sender.  I have
had senders swappin in mine and the gauge reads
> different afterwards.  Just get used to the new "normal" position.  My '81
would normally read just under the middle, now my '82
> reads 1-2 ticks past the heavy mark at the bottom and the fan kicks in
about the 3rd tick.  If you want to get a rough idea of
> the actual temp, try taking a resistance reading off the sender when it is
at operating temp.  Then after it cools, remove the
> sender, put it in a pot of water on the stove.  Raise the temp and when
the resistance reads about the same as before, check the
> water temp with a thermometer.
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