[Vwdiesel] Diesel engine for a Jag

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Doesn't VW have a brand new engine in the TDI series that puts out something
like 300-400 HP from 6 or 8 cylinders?


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> What would you folks recommend as a possible engine swap for a Jaguar
> I have an '88 Jaguar XJ6 (normally about 175 hp) and would like to use it
as a
> daily driver with good power and a lot better mileage. I will be using
> oil as a partial replacement for dino diesel. The Jag with engine weighs
> 3500 lb.
> I would like an engine with at least as much power as the original 3.6 L
> straight 6, and would like it to be common enough that parts would be
> available and not priced out of range.
> Thanks for any and all help.
> Cheers
> George
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