[Vwdiesel] '93 WV EV jumped time update #4

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  If this shop has your head and no deposit, walk away & let them keep it. 
You could probably do better buying 
> a brand new head or rebuilt. There is a place in Rockwood, Pa. that lists 
> your head. I called, but they were closed. Maybe you could call them tomorrow: 
> 1-866-489-5480  www.Cylinderheads.com  Might be worth a try. 
Sure sucks with the Gestapo; remember though that they have the gun & once 
they get to not liking you, you are pretty much up the infamous creek. 
I'm not sure how AAA works; will they just tow you any place you want? Like 
someplace you could hang till this engine gets back together? Maybe some local 
junkyard would be sympathetic? Or a campground, though I'm not sure if they'd 
relish a campsite repair shop.  Got to be some place you'd be left alone for a 
few days.

Hang in there Dude. It is summer and this is an adventure you'll remember all 
your life. In a while you'll look back & smile. Let's hope any ways.

Bob in the entire state


> hey all
> sorry if this is getting tedious (I know it is for me)
> so not only did they tow me this morning after telling me it would be 
> OK to stay on the side of the road, the officer who told me that is now 
> claiming he only authorized me being there one night (totally not 
> true)(I'm guessing he got dressed down for not knowing the regs and is 
> covering his own ass at my expense)
> anyway, I'm going to be out another $110. bucks tomorrow morning, and 
> although I'll file something with the town, I'll never see those $ 
> again
> what sucks is that I have AAA+ and could have gotten it out of there 
> for free any time if they'd only told me I needed to move it
> (think there might be a little small-town connection between PD and 
> towing company? never seen THAT before)
> to make matters worse, the guy rebuilding my head and who told me it 
> would be ready last Tuesday and wouldn't cost more than $250, and who's 
> been avoiding my calls ever since, now claims to have $500 in it and he 
> can't locate the right intake valve and doesn't know when it'll be done
> he's heli-coiled 11 of the inserts, all new lifters, machined the head, 
> ordered all new exhaust valves + guides as well as one intake set...
> I don't think he doesn't know what he's doing, necessarily, and I don't 
> think he's trying to rip me off, entirely
> but he didn't call me when he went over his max $$ estimate (by a 
> factor of TWO !!), or his time estimate (by a factor of FOUR !!!!) and 
> that is behavior that does not fill me with trust
> he's giving me the option of returning his parts, paying his labor, and 
> just taking my head out of there (@ $250 poorer)
> and I *may* be able to get cheaper parts (Steve Schock to the rescue??) 
> somewhere
> but I am very reluctant to 1) let this guy off the hook just b/c he's 
> irresponsible, if not incompetent; and 2) to dump his (questionable?) 
> work on another shop and be out even more money and possibly not get it 
> done any better
> wish I were set up to do my own head;
> then I might not feel like I had to get my other head done (the one on 
> my neck)
> thoughts?
> Rolf
> Still-In-the-Pound, N Amherst, MA
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