[Vwdiesel] Speedometer Cable Gear Question

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jun 28 15:23:47 EDT 2005

I  kind of lean on Roger Browns "Charlie Browns"  homepage. ------ BUT I do have my
own experience ---from Ford T  to Rabbit 1984. Diesel Turbo.

Odometers have to be connected directly to a piece of rubber hitting the pavement. ?  JAH ?
Aber natuerlish.  ----so that limits the places you can get it from ?  Jah ?

Speedometers are usually connected to the same cable. ? ---Jah ?-.   Ach du lieber  ---nein problemo.

On the Highways in BC are kilometer markers on the side of the road. ----Jah ?

You have a stop watch ---Jah ?   ---so what is das problemo ?   -----To test the  ratio
of drive gear and wheel size and tire size ----drive from one to the next.---Jah ?

I found that German " Accuracy "   was NO myth. ------blew my socks off.   I was used to
sloppy GM and Ford precision  ---   Jah   verstehen ?    -----Tell me if your VW clock does not
keep time ----JAH ? ----bet your ass it does.

So I get this GESTAPO   speeding ticket  --Jah ? ----und isch nicht speeding --Jah ?   --- that is
WHY I know so much about VW speedometers. ----I beat the ticket   115 dollars Canadian.

In BC   the law is that a Stealership is NOT allowed to touch a speedo. --so when I said test my speedo
they said NEIN. -------It either works or NOT and the tolerance is  + -  5 %  ?   on speed.

NO way was I going to not contest that ticket. ------IT was a revenue ticket --not a speeding ticket.

The GESTAPO guy was a complete idiot --- RCMP  --they call themselves here.   -----
Royal Canadian Military Police.  ------     In court I got a Japanese Judge  Yamamoto or something
like it. ------GOOD JUDGE of character.

And Hagar very seldom lies----you can take that to the bank.    I am going to lie in court for a lousy
115 dollars Can. ?  ----NEVER.

I demanded NO not asked --- DEMANDED an apology from ICBC for canceling my plates
did I get it   NOT so far. -----yes that is what they do (DID)  here   ---a lousy parking ticket
or anything and you can NOT drive your car.  Even if it is disputed ?   ---not a stupid
way of doing things ? ----If you are speeding ?  ---head for ER  and say you got Epoxy in your eye.
Epoxy hardener is destructive in your eyes.-----make sure you own Epoxy. ---like me.
Procedure is known as   CYA  ----    survival ? or scumbag , sleesebag or Slimebag ?.

I am retired ---Jah ?--and do I need to speed ?   NEIN.


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