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> Or, I can buy deep-cycle batteries for the same price.
>  Maybe one of them would be good for colder starting?
> You'd probably get more than one try...

There is a significant difference between the deep cycle and automotive

Deep cycle batteries are intended for applications for relatively low draw
but over a long period.  They can be discharged frequently and will recover
from that.

They have thick plates in their cells, but fewer of them.

Automotive batteris are intended for applications with high draw over short
periods.  They want to be recharged frequently.  They don't handle
discharges well and will fail if allowed to discharged too often.

They have thin plates in their cells, but more of them.

A good example is the marine environment -- power boats frequently have an
automotive battery to start the engine, can use the alternator to power
goodies while under motor, and then switch to deep cycle batteries for
lights etc. when not under power.

rgds, g.

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