[Vwdiesel] Diesel Vacuum Diaphragm

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Mar 2 22:03:37 EST 2005

Have an '83 Rabbit Diesel. The brakes have a very hard feel and there is 
always sound of "squeezed air" emanating when the pedal is initially depressed.

  Maybe it's bored and that's the sound of it "sighing?"  ;-D  Boredom can 
lead to depression..
  Have you made sure it's not a bad vacuum pump first?  That's the most 
common failure.  Boosters can still make a huffing sound or such when 
there's no vacuum applied.  Just moving air.
  Didn't realize you could get diaphragm replacements!  I need one for my 
Chev van and can't seem to find any.  Last I'd heard for VW was nearly $300 
for a complete one!  Ouch!

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