[Vwdiesel] Limping FROM home, bad GP's,now no Temp guage !

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Fri Mar 4 11:12:29 EST 2005

"Smith, Michael" wrote:
> HI Al,
> Thanks for your reply.  Almost seems like I now have multiple problems...ie:
> NO LED, no GP's and no temp guage.
> To get around the starting problems (ie: no GP's) I'll just use a jumper
> wire for a day or two......if I can't figure it out
> I will certainly go with a H/D relay.
> I would like to get the temp guage working though....seems weird that it all
> of a sudden has died....at the same time
> as my GP problem.  Too coincidental for my liking.
> I would guess that I will have trouble with engine (radiator) cooling in a
> few weeks/month or whatever as w/o the temp guage cct, I probably
> won't have a working electric fan......come to think of it, when the
> alternator/water pump belt snapped a couple weeks ago and
> the car overheated, I don't recall even HEARING the fan.....ugh
> Old cars....waddya gonna do?
> ;-)
> Mike in NB
> 86 Golf 1.6NA
> only 405,000 kms !

The dash gauge has a separate sender than does the GP relay, and as noted neither of those affect the radiator fan, that is
controlled by the thermo switch.  The many inter-related electrical issues could be due to a ground problem somewhere, either in
the cab or in the engine bay.


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