[Vwdiesel] Battery talks for beginners # 2.

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Mar 7 13:28:35 EST 2005

I Hagar is unashemedly for the  --- "Little guy"   --- I need nothing that another
1000 years would not correct.

Val Christian has written extensively about the " Management" side of operating a VW Diesel.
And so have I.    

Selecting a NEW battery is in that folder.  Here is my advice based on first hand experience.

For my American freinds ---the Megatrons by Interstate is a hard number to beat.

Give the dealer the type of Rabbit and year.  They have a list.  Remember VW Rabbit
batteries are LOW silhuet type. Make sure you check filling date.
And do not accept stale stock.  more than 3 month. I got a Rabbit (# 1 ) that was
set on fire by too TALL a battery. 
When to get a new battery ?  if you are part of the "Cold War"  end of october.

Like we said  Old Rabbit NO syn lube  ---and I say NO spriral wound battery. Not
the best choice ALL AROUND.

And NO deep cycle battery . ----- READ ALL the fine print on warrenty and keep
a copy in your Bentley.

If you have to let it SIT for a long time ?  --trickle charge .  All car batteries have a
maximum continues charge MAX.  for a Rabbit make it   250 mAmp . or lower.

NEVER NEVER  use quick chargers. ---- unless you want to murder the poor

Get Max continues charge from maker and then  use  half of that.(for trickle).

Who ? is this Hagar the Hillbilly --anyway to tell us about batteries ?.  ----ask me ANY
question about batteries --and you will find out. --Then compare it to the best
Battery designer you can get to..

If you ever got a Diehard Lifetime from Sears  send me a PM --please.  I still
have one in Annabelle  ----1971  to I die  Sears will supply FREE of charge replacement or ellse.

If you are NOT part of the Cold War  --a spriral wound is ok .For the Hams  it is
battery designed along the line of those round paper capacitaters of the dark ages.

what is special about the spirals ?   very very rugged and spillproof. and high amp/hr
rating for dimentions and weight. Long life.Very expensive.
In James Hansen land do batteries ever freeze and bust the case ? --you bet.
Are battery warmers used in Hansen land ?  you bet.    If you survive in Hansen 
land after a week of solid 42 below ?  --you are ready for the world my son.

Hagar .      all charged up.

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