[Vwdiesel] Battery talks for beginners # 2.

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Mar 8 18:14:22 EST 2005

What's so different about an Edison that makes them such a "good"
battery? ------ He also mentioned getting a speeding ticket in it on the freeway.  
Officer commented about it being the oldest car he'd ever cited for doing 

Loren and All  :    Edison (my hero)  if asked by Loren --what ?  will Toluene
do in a diesel Rabbit ?  ---would never never say forget it it is a Octane improver .
He would say get me a Rabbit diesel and a drum of Toluene ---and we WILL find out.

Edison was one addicted FANATICAL experimentor ---and he set out to make the
worlds BEST battery  (rechargeable) ----and he did just that.    The  EDISON
alcaline  Nickel Steel battery .   After that the Eupians  like the SWEEDE  Jungman improved
on the Idea. Enter  Nickel Cadmium .    ----- and the Alcaline was on the way.

What was so great about the Edison ?   ---you could take a cell and drop in from Empire State
to the road below  ---you could Freeze it boil it ---let it sit discharged for 10 years ore more
you could overcharge it for weeks and let it boil ----NOTHING  would destroy the
thing  ---except electrolytic current to the case puncturing it. As long as the case was ok and
the plates were there ?---    you got a cell.     Short circuit ?  ---no problemo.
Try THAT on your AGM ?   ---and let me know.   And further they can be charged in
reverse  ---and still work.      Hows about that ? Charlie Brown ?    ----   yes + becomes
negatory and so on.-----no problemo just reverse     ---it will be OK.

At 50 below in Hansen Land the Edison rules ---how low will they go ? I do not know
but they just LOVE 40 below.

By now some smart one will ask WHAT is the downside ?    ok I shall tell.
Efficiency    watts in to watts out  --and high maintenance.   Like a VW Diesel they
need a person with som acumen --accumen ?  --well whatever  NO dummy need

For a fanatic DIY like Hager ?   ---Edison is KING.

My  stable ?   NiFe  and SAFT  and Edison.   and more.  If I do not have a 100 000 dollars of
alkaline batteries at retail price I will kiss your ass. ( line up ).

Next I will tell my favorite NiCad tale --no matter how stupid I looked.


PS:  speeding ticket ?  -----must have been one hell of a hill   ---and all downhill.

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