[Vwdiesel] Gassing your Rabbit ? ---( copy Volvo )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Mar 12 17:33:28 EST 2005



In my junc files I have a picture of a small Volvo car  ---about like a Rabbit  --

Volvo designed a small trailer   (one wheel ? )   --- EPA would love it.

So would I --- ---  Hell I would give my left arm for one.(it is lame anyway).

>From a cold start to go ?  ---30 seconds.       As you ALL know  CO is considered a BLUE
flame gas.

Now you flyboys can use that excuse, sorry Sir she flamed out on me.

BUT ---you may have to carry FIRE insurance.

James Hansen has a perfect place for this type of Energy -----all that waste from
farming ? .   

By the way today I checked on Rimini 4 litre  Canola Oil ?    --way up in price

from about 4.50    to    7.50.       Diesel on the street about a dollar Canadian per Litre.

Took bunny Bondo out to strech her legs this morning ---NO shit  smoooooth  and she
likes that New  blockheater.----- got a small leak at the fueling screw  ---comes
from cacking the crew out so much --- remember there is an O ring on it.

I have bigger O rings I can put on.     


PS:   Links are for my American friends  so the can see a generator.  and talk to a guy
who was involved a bit with running them.

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