[Vwdiesel] TD Injection Pump fuelling enrichment

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Mon Mar 14 18:30:38 EST 2005

> >Is the resulting smoke the cause of temp heading into red zone? This can't 
> be >good for fuel mileage. 

  Smoke (black) is from more fuel than can be burned with the amount of 
O2 available.  Either add more O2 or less fuel.

> >1. Should I just drive around in 4th at expense of noise? EGT gauge temp is 
> >always lower in 4th gear and don't see smoke. 

  That indicates the engine is loaded pretty heavily. It might even make 
better mileage in 4th than 5th if it's loaded down too much in 5th.

> >2. How about shutting off injection pump enrichment when in 5th gear? Would 
> like >to avoid downshifting to 4th. 

  It depends on the boos you see in each gear.  Simply shutting off the 
boost enrichment would probably still put you into 4th gear due to the 
lessened power.

> >3. Is the amount of added fuel enrichment based on the turbo boost 
> pressure?

  Yes indeedy!

> >4. Perhaps I am looking for Ecodiesel TD performance when in 5th gear?

  Again, you might not be able to maintain 5th gear. 
  If you're maxed out on boost then an intercooler is your best answer to 
the situation.  You could rotate your boost cone for a little less fueling 
secondly raising the spring perch under the diaphragm might help too 
but not like rotating the cone.  This is all based on a few psi less boost 
in 4th than 5th.

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