[Vwdiesel] Pyrometer

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Tue Mar 15 19:28:48 EST 2005

Derek wrote:
> Do I put the pyrometer in the cast exhaust manifold or in the down pipe?
> Since you have everything like it is, I 'd put it in the manifold.  More
> accurate readings there ( the turbo does rob some of the heat.  Downpipe
> readings would be about 300deg cooler )
> Any special tricks to doing either? Nope !!

I used an ISSPRO pyro for my setup.  Installed the probe in the O2 sensor hole on a dual downpipe gas manifold.  Just drill out
the metric threads and tapped for 1/4" NPT to make the probe threads.  Nice clean install.  You can also weld on a threaded bung
(might work on the downpipe) with the ISSPRO kit, or some kits use clamped on probes.


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