[Vwdiesel] R12 replacement

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DURACOOL claims just the opposite, that their molecules are much larger therefore less likely to leak.
Bob in Ny
For the best true drop in, check out R-406A, AKA Autofrost.  True drop in.

There are some long term durability issues with R134, and propane mixtures
tend to leak as the molecule is much smaller.  I did extensive research on this
back in the mid 90's, and Autofrost was one of the better R12 retrofits.

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> 134a isn't that much harder to install.  I've not done it as I don't 
> have all the tools, but Dad has rolled over his fleet to it 
> and as long 
> as the system remains intact (my '85 has a blown evaporator), 
> it works 
> fine without having a flammable gas in the cab.  If I recall 
> correctly, 
> it's just some fittings and a new receiver/dryer.  Toolwise, 
> you do have 
> to have a new set of gauges, or at least new hoses for your 
> old ones.  
> Dad converted all of his cars even though he was still sitting on a 
> stockpile of R12.  Doesn't even know what to do with it now.  Prices 
> dropped because everyone's converting. 
> -Shalyn
> Sandy Cameron wrote:
> >New thread for old volks.
> >Summer is comming.
> >
> >Have a look at (google ) duracool, avail. in both Canada and USA.
> >
> >Basically, it's propane with some additives.
> >
> >I think I'll try it in one of the 87's if I can find enough 
> of the hoses to
> >put the system back together
> >
> >All standard disclaimers apply.....
> >
> >Sandy
> >

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