[Vwdiesel] [Was]Diesel octane engine lean? Now...efficiency?

Kelly McMullen kellym at aviating.com
Thu Mar 17 14:52:06 EST 2005

All of that is possible, however some of the most fuel efficient gasoline
engines in history used a plain old carburetor, by also employing a
supercharger, turbocharger, and compound recovery turbine. the
turbo-supercharger did all the vaporizing needed for uniform fuel
distribution. The compound recovery turbine captured an extra 5% or so HP
from the energy in the exhaust gas. When one is talking a big 3000+hp
engine that extra few percent is significant.

Mark Shepherd said:
> Kelly,
> Val
>> Kelly
>> Val
>> >  >      Loren
> Oops have I over snipped? 8OD
> According to that model engine book I mentioned a while ago
> the miniature engines were actually cool running partly due
> to the evaporation effect of the ether in the fuel mixtures.
> Didn't we have a conversation somewhere before where I
> postulated that at steady state cruisin' (excepting
> damaged/worn out engines) the final efficiency is down to
> the state of the injectors; namely the spray pattern and
> break pressure. Didn't I also suggest that if we take Hagars
> pump and injector set-up and transplant it into a less
> efficient engine  (heart and lungs!!) The receiving engine
> would become similarly efficient
> This leads me to my current dilemma...I'm considering upping
> my injector break pressures from 155bar.
> Will this lead to better efficiency due to a finer spray?
> What happens to the life of a pump when it has to hit the
> fuel with that extra force. Camplate wear increase? Shaft
> bearing wear increase. Timing belt strain?
> Or does everything operate well within limits?
> Mark-The-Miser-UK
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