[Vwdiesel] Hillbilly Tuning ---- ( a HISTORY ).

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Mar 19 11:04:11 EST 2005

Who invented "Hillbilly TUNING" ?   --Hagar did.   when ?  about  2001.   Why the name ?
Well when I stumbled in here  a  friend in Tyler Texas ---jumped all over me and he 
used foul language a few times ---he said for me to wake up this is not the days of regular oil
etc .   Then he told me to take my Voodoo and Hillbilly stuf and stuff it . BRAVO a name
was coined.  One that I really liked so I adopted it (without his permission) . BUT
make no mistake --  in this context it is anything but simple. BUT it works.
And the final procedure could not have come about without  input from :
First in line  Gary Bangs --then Loren --then Val Christian --then ---Doyt Echelberger ---
then --Chuck Carnohan -then -Mark Shepherd --then -  Roger Brown ---then  Scott Kair
-then --Gavrik Peterson ----- (I am getting demented ) -- so if you helped take no offence not seeing your name.  ---WHY the names ?  That is a good lead for NEWBIES  --look for those
names in archives ---and you may learn something.  ---WOW what massive experience
in one archive. ---I still look every bloody day.  ----yes guys  WHATCH OUT  ---it is
addictive to play with Rabbits.
And look up James Hansen.----and  Sandy Cameron and learn..

Why not just time according to  Bentley ?  ---WEAR and tear on pumps and injectors.

Testing the Pumps is part of Hillbilly TUNING  107 A  Old Rabbits. Read my lips
I know that a lot of those Smoking Rabbits out there is due to dynamic timing not working.

I have done this to my 1980 PU and boy what a difference! Why didn't I
know about this years ago with my two other Rabbits?
Gary Bangs.

I have nothing but praise for this forum  --all around ---and by the way calling me names is OK.

As a  final note ---?  NO I never worked as a mechanic   ----but  I am 73 and I
have overhauled and troubleshooted ALL kinds of engines.  BUT Diesels are
my passion right now.

Hagar :

PS :    Remember to have fun FUN --hear you all ?.

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