[Vwdiesel] Diesel octane or why can you run a diesel engine lean?

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Mar 19 14:14:57 EST 2005

Are you maybe using these words in a different way than the
rest of people? I'm honestly asking and not trying to infer

Erik  keep reading and in time you will see that I am not ALL wet.     Roger Brown
and many more knows about "Ignition Delay"   and the general process.

Take this winter   you crank and you crank ----that is injection  ---but she does not
fire ? that is NO ignition.   --- Now that is an exstreme to make you understand what I am talking about.

I mentioned it because we have some heavy gasoline sniffers drop in from time to time and
they think that turning the pump is like turning the distributer of a gasser ---they think TIMING.

On a diesel it is more complicated.   The ignition point mover all over the place according
to Cetane number and Temperature and compression  .Even at the perfect situation
there is what is called an  "Ignition Delay".    Now in Hillbilly Tuning that is  NO 
problem ---because it is automatically corrected for.

English is NOT my first language  ---so adjust for that.    I said LEAN ? maybe I
should have said LEANER. ?

The proof is on the blotter paper  and in the MILEAGE ----pretty hard to argue with.?

I still go 120  Kmt/h  ----BUT I have to downshift on the hills.   The turbo
likes lots of RPM.----do not ask me why , that is another complex issue.
For you ? start at the BASICS and work your way up.   ----Like me ?
say NO PRISONERS   ------LOL     ----remember this is the year that marks
60 years since I was a combattant in Denmark.   And my introduction to
German Aircraft Diesels.

And did I go anywhere on German Aircraft Diesels ?  in 1951 1952 are you kidding.
Think German E boats  3-- 20 cylinder arcraft diesels.PT 109 would
not have a hope in hell against these cuties. I went on speed trials so I know.
Like a ME 262 and a Mustang  ----not a chance. or worse a ME 163.


PS :   at times we have people drop in and suggest the the cold start retards the
injection.---Not so.

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