[Vwdiesel] Injection Pump talk ---- ( for the pump gang and all )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Mar 21 10:52:13 EST 2005


Shawn Wright and ALL  :

Yes 3rd item on this page:
 As Roger Brown posted ---that is identical to the one that I will never be without.
for doing pumps.      I have taken about 30 pumps apart ---and when you hit a BAD
one ?  ----- next night you will have nightmares --about a bunch of  Gorillas working
nightshift at BOSCH.

Most likely they use thread locker.   ---Get a small bottle of BLUE locktite. for
assembly. ---- DO NOT use it for tightening screws (the driver)----get your Gorilla brother in law
to help.

Do you know history of PUMP ?   ----   1 day on gasoline   and low mileage means

The first test I do on a pump --is checking wear on main shaft bushings  ---two.
I clamp pump in a solid vice and wiggle sprocket .  I did Gavrik Petersons spare
pump --it was fine.   -----If badly worn I put the pump back in storage.  And go on to
another.  If bushings are ok  ---we carry on. By the way do not worry too much
about movement lenghtwise.

Funny  , Bob in entire State think inside of pump is simple ?  ---When I looked at what looked
like hundreds of parts on the kitchen floor  ---I went to bed with exactly the opposite
opinion.   --- Some day for fun I am going to count all the parts.

Today   21 Mar 1945  I was out in the open --during a raid on Gestapo Headquarters
In Copenhagen  " SHELLHUSET"   ---Shell oil before war started.   about 42 plane attack.
that went terribly wrong. ----so bear with me  ---my mind keeps straying.

Now James Hansen please note that some of the Gator Aide bottles in my fridge is diesel fuel
samples--- do not drink it all.


PS :   James Hansen  my spy  inside gate is looking to see if the NiCad is still there.

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