[Vwdiesel] leak in front windshield seal?

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Mar 30 16:06:10 EST 2005

Gary Shea wrote:
> My '82 4-door Rabbit has always leaked a few drops into the passenger
> foot well when it rains, but it has begun to leak by the gallon this
> year.  Literally.  I now keep a little plastic container to bail with,
> but really I need a bilge pump.
> These quantities are coming in when the car is sitting still, during
> not particularly impressive little rainstorms (we only get maybe 12" a
> year here in Salt Lake).
> I've poked around a bit, so I know it's coming down from the windshield
> seal, but that's about all I've figured out.  Are there typical ways in
> which this happens?  Seems hard to believe that much water can come
> right through the seal!
> Any experience of this out there?
> Thanks!

My '81 leaked, had the windshield seal (2-piece with the center chrome/plastic piece) replaced with the 1-piece all-rubber
gasket and it never leaked after that.


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