[Vwdiesel] EUREKA!! '93 EuroVan Diesel fires up

rOLf peCHUkas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Wed Mar 30 22:42:45 EST 2005

we have lift-off
(although it is a rough-running rocket at this point)
thanks everybody for all the help

[general information: the No. 1 cylinder is the one closest to the 
flywheel/inj pump/tranny]

remaining issues:

- injection pump is leaking fairly profusely from around the throttle 
is this a common leak point? how simple a fix is this?
(this is a used UK pump I do not know the history of)

- ignition is faulty
I got the van started by bypassing ignition entirely
ran 12v from the battery to the solenoid
and alternated direct 12v to the glow plug bar and then to the starter 
(like CPR) until she fired up
(I heard direct 12v to the glow plugs is not good for them - anyone 
know if this is true?)
but with key turned to start there is no 12v to solenoid lead and no 
12v to the GP wire
I seem to recall ignition was intermittent when van stopped running 2 
yrs ago
anyone know how to service/repair the ignition? is this a common weak 
point like the fuel/temp gauges?

- injection pump timing: fine-tuning
pretty sure I'm on the right tooth pump-to-cam
all marks line up and she is actually running
but I do not have a dial indicator, and if I did I wouldn't know what 
to do with it
is there another way to adjust pump timing? loosen bolts and move 
around while it's running, looking for the "sweet spot"?

thanks for anything anyone can tell me
rOLf peCHUkas
CAMbridge, MA

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