[Vwdiesel] glow plug test

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Ahhhh, one more satisfied discoverer of the dictum, "don't use more force,
just get a bigger hammer!" ;)

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> OK sorry about this but I don't like electricity no matter how small a
> watt/volt/amp.  Had a bad experience when I was younger getting shocked so
> it isn't my friend.  I went back out and hooked up the glow plug to the
> charger and put it on boost, 60amp boost, first I didn't want to try it on
> that for fear of burning out the glow plug. But I did, bravely at that and
> that puppy turned red quick, not to mention my needle pegged past 14amps.
> it does work, you just have to be brave and use (in my case) the boost
> selection on the charger.
> Nick
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