[Vwdiesel] IP timing

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat May 7 23:00:10 EDT 2005

Well I got my head all back on along with the turbo and everything is hooked
up except the injector lines. I left them off to do the IP timing, makes it
easier without them being in the way.  One problem. My timing is .93mm and
that is all the farther I can move the pump toward the engine. It will not
move any farther to get the timing to advance up to 1mm.  I checked and
double checked.  Any idea’s as to what might be wrong?  The only thing that
is different than the last time I did this is the timing mark on the
flywheel.  When I line up the IP gear with the lock tool the timing mark is
about a ¾ of an inch to the left of the  pointer, when I line up the timing
mark and the pointer then I can’t get the IP lock pin in the slot behind the
gear.  I’m going to go back and redo the entire timing belt. Is this why I
can’t get the pump to time correctly?  My biggest fear was that I would be
fighting the exhaust C clamps, well that 2 inch exhaust clamp works awesome.
Where I did have a good fight was putting in the IP bolt that is right below
the injector lines. Since I have cruise that bracket mounts to the bottom of
the IP and makes for a very tight fit to try and get you hand in there to
put the washers and nut on that bolt. I must have spent an hour trying to
get that all hooked up.  Not to mention my hands are all marked up.


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