[Vwdiesel] FS: 82 Diesel Westy - 65K miles - MINT! (IA) (also have83 Quantum TD w/ 217K)

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun May 8 16:51:49 EDT 2005

I enjoyed reading your FS ad.....even though I can't buy....I must say
this......it's refreshing to read an ad which doesn't leave me wondering
about Much.
Very informative.

Good luck in your sale !


Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
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Subject: [Vwdiesel] FS: 82 Diesel Westy - 65K miles - MINT! (IA) (also
have83 Quantum TD w/ 217K)

1982 Vanagon Westfalia 1.6 NA Diesel (translation for non diesel crowd:
non-turbo :-) // 4 speed manual transmission // Original white exterior
paint, white roof & classic tan/brown striped westy interior. // Paint is in
extremely good condition, bordering on mint! // ~65K two owner miles //
Engine rebuilt @ ~60K miles – new head (not rebuilt - NEW) complete w/
Raceware headbolts // Vehicle is immaculate – probably one of the nicest OG
diesel Westys left anywhere, period. // 30-35mpg // Bus came from Alabama in
’01 – never driven in Midwest winters. Still has most of the OG paint in the
wheel wells - NO RUST anywhere! NO seam rust, no rocker rust, no rust
anywhere. Did I mention NO RUST?!?!?! lol... (read: PRISTINE coolant pipes
underneath....) // Front and rear bumpers are about a 9 out of 10 - all
rubber and plastic coners present - bumpers have a very slight bow in each.
But still - extremely nice for the type of bumper and year. // All four
westy hubcaps (circa: '82) // All camping outlets complete w/ lids // Comes
with original sanyo radio (dealer installed I'm guessing) // Comes with all
original booklets (owner's manual, camper manual, radio manual, etc.) - also
has original purchase agreement (cost as much as a new Corvette in '82!) //
Has both tables w/ legs - complete and 100% functional interior to include
all curtains, snaps, etc... // No cracks in windshield - all glass in great
shape. // "C" rated tires at 90% tread depth (light truck tires I think -
new owner should seriously consider upgrading to a "D" rated tire // One key
fits all the locks // No dents, never wrecked, clear title, yada yad yada //
WARNING: If you've never driven one of these - they accelerate slowly! Not a
race car by any means, and certainly a vehicle that can invite the one
finger salute from the folks in a hurry...lol. // NO power steering, NO air
conditioning, NO cruise control // 1st year of water pumper Type II in U.S.
(gas would follow nearly two years later...)

I bought this vehicle in '01 from the original owner's son. It had been
garaged (and not driven) for several years while his father declined in
health. After his father passed away - the son drove Westy from father's
home in northern Alabama to son's home in western North Carolina. On the
way - the timing belt went out... (When they say change 'em every 60K, they
MEAN it!) Thus, the new head, new timing belt, etc. etc. When I bought the
vehicle - I too had the timing reset & new timing belt put on (paranoia I
suppose), and Raceware headbolts installed. If you've been around VW diesels
for a while - you know those are worth their weight in gold (and almost as
expensive! lol) After much thought - I've decided to part ways with "Allie".
I have far too many cars for starters, and my taste in diesels has become a
little more practical. (Currently, a Golf, Rabbit Pickup and Quantum). My
taste in Westys continues - but more along the lines of subhatches. I still
have a Vanagon as well - it's my tow vehicle (TIICO). Thus, a real gem just
became available for the right buyer. Drive her as is (top speed is 60mph,
but it takes a while to get there...slower than my '60 Westy w/ a 40hp in
her!) - or better yet - drop in a TDI and really enjoy what this Westy has
to offer.

Interesting story about the OG owner. He supposedly bought the first VW sold
in Alabama (per son) - a beetle in the first half of the 50's. He was a
professor at the U. of Alabama's College of Law in Tuscaloosa. Later, he
traded that off for an early 60's Westy (subhatch presumably). By the early
80's, he was retired and his wife really wanted air conditioning. When he
came home w/ this Westy (no air, no power steering, etc.) - I guess it
nearly cost him his marriage! But my oh my - what economy! And luxury truly
is in the eye of the beholder - no better sleep if you ask me than in one of
these beasts out on the road. (Van still has U. of Alabama staff parking
permit on windshield, and Tuscaloosa dealer tag in back.)

I will be bringing the vehicle out of storage this week and cleaning her
up - pictures will follow. I'm considering putting her on ePay, but thought
I'd throw this feeler out ahead of time to (potentially) save the hassle of
an auction.

Will entertain offers around $8000 (or best offer). I can deliver this
vehicle (by driving it) anywhere in the US for $1/mile one way. Vehicle is
located in north central Iowa. That's about all I can think of right now -
feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for your time (and attention!)

Also have a 1983 Quantum Turbo Diesel - running & driving fine - 217K on
clock.  Can be used as is, or used for Vanagon conversion.

Please email off list for more information on either vehicle.  [Sorry for
the multiple list posts (for those on them)].
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