[Vwdiesel] Injection pump talk --- ( mostly for the Pump Gang )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu May 12 00:18:59 EDT 2005

As you are aware, the LTA craft that uses a light gas fill like H, or He to
displace heavier air is technically not an airplane which requires lift fron
forward motion produced ultimately by the engines and propellers.  Diesel
engines have not had the power to weight ratio in the past needed for
propeller lift driven aicraft.  I wonder if this situation has now changed
since 'they' are now making cheap, crappy, lightweight, hi-speed diesel
engines that resemble cheap crappy lightweight, hi-speed two stroke
lawnmower engines.

As for me, I was airborn in a hospital room. ;)  Kidding aside, how was it
that you got a ride on the Goose?  I was under the impression that the plane
only had one ever test flight, piloted by Howard himself.  You are using
your master bullshitter liscense here again aren't you? ;)  Did you just try
to pass us a spruce goose? Ha, ha!


I Hagar is aware -----   and every word is GOSPEL  true ----So help me Lord.

But   McCanless, James   it gets better A LOT better -----it is now   60 years since I got my
sticky little  hand on several of those fantastic "Airplane" diesels  ----yes May 1945  ----Thanks to
James Hansen I now know that the diesels were JUMO 205 or the like .   There was about 22 of these 3 engine super duper German Aircraft in my part of the country.   I saw those (and heard) those beauties every day for more than 5 years.
SO ?   ---well I know they performed.-------I think the plane was a Bloehm and Voss. 167 ? flying boat
a lot like American PBY's.   ----really nice design.

I Hagar use ICAO definitions ---I am a flyboy ---- Hindenburg was an Aircraft.

And yes it shows HOW good a bullshitter I am.   --- but the Planes were anchored right off my favorite
swimming beach. ---Ready to go. ----And darn it --when I stood on top of the wing ---shit I
could see Sweden ----to this day you can see one of those (with my fingerprints) in a museum in Denmark
and a brand new spare engine as well.      Two pistons per cylinder. ----look up JUMO diesels
and see for yourself . 

Germany was a Quantum leap ahead of the rest of the world --in Aircraft diesels in 1940.
And Burmeister and Wain  Copenhagen was TOPS in marine diesels.(BIG stuff)..

IMHO    the centurion diesel will not fly ------ why ?    Economics.    How would like to make a diesel
to compete with a Lycoming  0--320 ---150 HP for a Cessna 172 ?  ----you better be smart.
There is nothing Wal-Mart about the Rabbit Bosch injection system.

More on this at another time.

Hagar .

PS computer problems all day.

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