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Mon May 16 09:38:32 EDT 2005

I remember reading somewhere that there is not enough cropland 
in the world to supply ourdemand for fuel, and then what would we 
eat?  It was disheartening to read, but it kind of makes sense when 
you think about how many millions of years of biomass went into 
making the earth's petroleum deposits, and how relatively few years 
will go into depleting these same deposits.  I think we should keep 
this biofuel thing a secret just between us!  ;)

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>The United States has the farmland, the sunshine and the technological
>knowhow to become completely energy self-dependent growing fuel oil. I
>don't know why they don't. It would create domestic jobs, improve the
>economy, improve air quality and stop the need for many foreign wars and
>American soldiers coming home in body bags. Unlike mideastern oil which
>will soon run out, this would be a renewable resource.

This is true until you figure in the petroleum based fertilizers needed to 
maintain the soil. Still, there are much better plants that could be
grown to produce oil more efficiently than the corn / wheat base we produce
now. Still not quite economically feasible yet - maybe next year...


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