[Vwdiesel] Fuel 101 --- ( Hagar on Physicks and Chemistry. )

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It was not meant as a barb.
Put another way, if you do not fully grasp the hydrogen as a fuel issue
there are many in the same boat so you are in good company.

I do not understand how anyone thought that I was trying to insult you or
anyone else.

Your english is pretty good.  My english is good enough it seems to get me
into trouble here.


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  There is something
to this you aren't grasping.  You are not alone.


Rob   this barb was NOT aimed at me Hagar ?   -----    BUT why can I not
defend myself ?
because I flunked English 101 in Denmark ------- and I found to my great
surprice  ---that some of my
american friends ---came forward and did the job.    To mention Chuckie
Carnohan     and   so on.

I can not find words for how grateful I am.    ----In Danish ?   bet your
ass I could hold my own.
NO help needed.

But lets look at it this way --- I spend a lot of my time trying to help
Newbies  ----much the same
as Loren   ,. we do not charge or flog anything .    ----  Are we not at
least  deserving a thank you
and respect ?

I have a lot of computer problems so I miss a few  discussions at
imes  ---BUT I am tickled pink
with this forum.      I have become really good friends with several members
over the years.
And Chuckie and Doyt   has been great in helping me with my
further --EDUCATION---- yes I
missed out due to growing up in powerty in Denmark.    But to let powerty
stop my education ?
totally and absolutely --NOT acceptable.

Since this is May 2005  ---- remember at my school in 1945  the Gestapo told
the Teachers
DO NOT push english      and the underground told the teachers DO NOT push

How would you like to be a teacher in that school. ?  ---EH .   I should
think not.

That was the reason for me flunking in part.


PS :    the bit of english I do command ? ---I learned in Texas   in 1953.
Attending school there.
I will NEVER run out of Texas Tales. ----and all good and FUN.
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