[Vwdiesel] One for the archives...RE: '82 Vanagon westy and enginecutting out issue

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Thu May 19 00:27:13 EDT 2005

Area31 Research Facility wrote:
> You really should run a wire from the fuel solenoid terminal through a small
> 12 volt light bulb to chassis ground so you can monitor the quality and
> stability of the voltage on the fuel solenoid while in the driver's seat.  A
> voltmeter on the passenger seat would also suffice.  Cars can develop
> electrical wiring and switch problems and intermittents are the worst to try
> to diagnose.  This will give you at least one answer to the puzzle.  I would
> prefer to use an older type analog multimeter with the needle on graduated
> scale rather than a digital display for this purpose.  It is easier to see
> hickup trends on this kind of display.

I hooked my center console voltmeter to the solenoid wire.  It is the closest thing to an ignition-switched circuit on the 
diesel engine and it makes a handy troubleshooting device, both to monitor the alternator charging voltage and also the solenoid.


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