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Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
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I have a couple chinese single cylinder diesels (6.5 kW), which run at
3600 RPM.  72 dbA at 30 feet is the rating.  I measure 76 dbA at 30 feet
in hemispherical free air (sitting on the ground).  

Before buying these generators, I spoke with a contractor who had 42 or 43 
of the same generator, all with more than 4000 hours on them.  No significant
maintenance issues, except one, early in life.  His generators go to
jobsites in New Hampshire and Vermont year round, and are field serviced
by the users (filters, oil change).  One bad valve early in the game,
and the rest of the repairs he recalled were AVRs (voltage regulator),
rubber  mounts, switch panels, a couple of injectors and one injection 
pump at 2800 hours.  When one considers he has 180 khours experience,
that seems pretty good to me.  No generator (altenator) failures, no
lower end failures.  Several cyl head gaskets (it's a copper ring, about
4" diameter, and about .25" wide, and about 0.05" thick).  Air cooled.

Newer lower powered consumer generators are "inverter generators" where
the engine RPM varies depending upon total power requirements.  An inverter 
adjusts the voltage.  They are quiet, and by several accounts very nice
generators in terms of power draw, weight, etc.

I understand that 1800 RPM was a tried and true approach, but the reality 
is that noise associated with 3600 RPM can be dealt with.  The power plant 
weight for 3600 RPM will be less.  THe life of the generator (and engine)
is substantially affected by more than just RPMs.



> BTW, 3600 RPM is like a swear word to serious genset people.  3600 RPM =
> is good for the folks that sell those crappy consumer generators, not =
> good for the uneducated people that buy them and have to throw them away =
> after 30 hours use.
> Rob
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>    Any chance you can run your generator at 3600 rpm? Technically, I =
> don't know what's involved, but your motor would be a lot happier there =
> & I'll bet it would soot up a lot less.=20
>   Bob in NY
>   =20
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> Rolf, All,
> I also appreciate the advantages that a fixed, indoor installation could
> provide a alternate fuels engine.  I have not yet tried WVO but have =
> been
> experimenting with 2 micron filtered WTF (Waste Transmission Fluid in =
> this
> context).  My plant started off with a 1984 1.6NA out of a Jetta.  The
> engine had next to no oil pressure and severe blowby so I found a good =
> shape
> 1980 1.5 NA with which to replace it.  During tests of the 1.6 (it =
> actually
> ran pretty well once started),  I saw better output power and smaller
> throttle openings for a given load on WTF than on straight diesel.  With =
> the
> 1.5,  I do not get as much power with the WTF and after an hour or so =
> the
> engine cokes up and the RPM drops.  Switching to clear diesel and =
> running it
> extra hard with throttle bursts clears it up and then it runs fine.
> When I just pulled the injectors from the removed 1.6 engine to try to
> liquefy the carbon deposits in the rings lands with solvent soak I noted
> that the injector heat shields were coked up so badly with solid carbon =
> that
> only the tiny needle from the center of each injector was protruding =
> into
> the pre chamber.  That must be what the WTF does to these engines at =
> 1800
> RPM.
> This was a huge disappointment to me as I was counting on using WTF as a
> main fuel for power generation here.  If the problem will clear by =
> diluting
> it with a small amount of diesel that would be better than nothing.  =
> Maybe
> is is particulates in which it will be rich smaller than 2 microns that =
> are
> causing the carbon buildup.  If I have to build a vacuum distillation =
> plant
> to process my WTF that would take all the fun out of it.  I have the =
> option
> of going to WVO still but would have to modify my fuel handling =
> equipment a
> bit, but not if I can get used Canola that stays liquid.  My present =
> system
> is the result of a lot oif $$ for components and effort.  It is dual =
> fuel
> and has separate tanks and valving for both clear diesel and WTF.  Each =
> tank
> has it's own filters (10 and then 2 micron), and in the case of the WTF =
> the
> oil is heated to engine coolant temp in a liquid to liquid heat =
> exchanger to
> remove water and thin it prior to hitting the filters.   It  probably =
> has
> cooled to 130 degrees F when it hits the FI pump inlet.
> In the USA the government has a Federal Department, a Bureau that =
> appears to
> look after automatic transmission fluid.  I could contact the BATF for
> suggestions and ask them WTF regarding  my coking problem?  I suspect =
> though
> if I mention coking they will probably refer me to the DEA. The DEA =
> would
> not have juristiction to assist me in Canada so they would likely =
> transfer
> my request to the RCMP (Research in Canada for Multiple uses of =
> Petroleum).
> That would probably not give useful results.  I suspect I am more expert =
> on
> this subject now than any government agency.
> If members here have any good technical ideas I would appreciate your =
> input.
> That BATF stuff was meant as a joke in case anyone isn't sure. ;)
> Rob
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> > Rob et al:
> > gensets are maybe the ideal application for running SVO/WVO as a fuel
> > if you're looking at home heating oil to save $, look at waste veggie
> > even closer
> > static installation, constant heat, controlled, protected environment
> > my 93 EuroVan has been running like a dream on waste veggie for a =
> while
> > now
> > I can tell you it is a real trip and a treat to take a several-hour
> > drive and never see that diesel needle move an angstrom unit
> > the oil is free for the taking, pre-filtering is not a big deal once
> > you get the hang of it, the exhaust smells great (especially when I'm
> > running straight canola)
> > all this and no involvement with the petroleum industry
> > I cannot recommend this more highly
> > Rolf
> >
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