[Vwdiesel] Injector Removal - Deep Socket??

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Fri May 20 02:54:13 EDT 2005

I've done many an injector change on 1.6NA engines with a craftsman deep
socket (can't remember the mm off-hand) and a 1/2" flex head breaker

The 1994 1.6TD frankenjetta, however, doesn't have space behind the
flying saucer to fit the socket, much less the socket and breaker bar!

I was thinking of loosening the pump to get at things, then re-timing
everything afterwards.  Is there another brand of socket that fits or
some other solution for the TD?  

I suppose I could stick a wrench down there, but the po didn't use
anti-seize and I need some leverage.  (They did however, antiseize the
metal fuel lines so I had bits of gunk to carefully keep out of the fuel
system when I opened it up.)

Will in Alaska

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