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If I needed a bit more power I would have considered the toothed Gimler
timing belt and perhaps run the engine at 2500 RPM.  Unfortunately the VW
flex coupler to the flywheel makes it quite difficult to add a coupler like
a belt pulley that makes side-load forces.  I went to some trouble to go
that route (a quad v-belt pulley set as timing belt pulleys are just too
expensive for me) before I was astonished to discover a flex plate between
the flywheel and the crank.  I was NOT impressed.  I should mention that I
needed a 4 to1 speed decrease as the original alternator I planned to use
since I had it in jand was a PTO input type.  I obtained a two bearing 1800
RPM unit after discovering the flexplate issue.  What I have now is far more
efficient than that setup would have been.

Direct drive is more efficient tht any belt drive but the timing belts are
about the lowest insertion loss you can get in any kind of a belt if my
information is correct.  I'd take the timing belt over a gearbox for sure.

I have suffered two very hard starting engines in this project and in my
experience having seen and smelled smoke come off the rubber components of
my coupler know that there are very powerful abusive motions during starting
and also shutdown.  This is really hard on any coupler system using this
engine.  In the car application there is a clutch to separate the geartrain
when starting, or there are no meshed gears to spin I assume, during a start
clutch engaged in neutral.


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>   Of course if you want to speed up the engine and keep the gen speed
> down... Use a cogged belt reduction setup like a supercharger drive or
> a PSR (is that the right term?)
>   Of course it's more parts though.    I still like like the idea of a
> turbo on it. :-)
>     Loren
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