[Vwdiesel] Injector Removal - Deep Socket??

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Fri May 20 09:13:28 EDT 2005

I just bought a shiny new 1/2" drive, six sided deep socket in 1-1/16" from
Ukranian Tire this week for about ten dollars to remove my injectors.  I had
trouble reaching the #1 cylinder next to the pump as the throttle mechanism
was in the way.  Removing the top half of it  from th throttle shaft of the
FI pump gave me the clearance I needed.  This on a '84 NA 1.6.


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> I don't have this problem, and am not familiar with your situation.
> I'll offer a couple of suggestions:
> 1. Start soaking the injector area with penetrant now.  Put a little on,
> drive it to work.  Put some more on at home, then again in the morning,
> and then drive to work, etc.  A light bodied penetrant, such as PBblaster
> would be a good choice.  So is the yellow Liquid Wrench (the blue is
> different).  WD-40 is less desirable.  You want to get things ready
> to remove.
> 2. Would a crow's foot wrench fit there?  It's something like an open
> end wrench, which will fit on a 3/8" drive extension.  They're handy.
> Sears sells them, but not in 27mm size.  For something that big, you'll
> end up hitting a tool wagon (Mac, Snap-On, etc.).  A multi-pointed one
> might be tempting, but a straight one will fit at slightly off angles.
> 3. It probably won't work, but do you have a "universal" flex extension
> which might get around the spaceship?
> 4. Perhaps higher price, one time use, but you might find (tool wagon
> a flex socket that is deep.  A long shot for 27mm, but you might get
> Good luck.
> Val
> >
> > I've done many an injector change on 1.6NA engines with a craftsman deep
> > socket (can't remember the mm off-hand) and a 1/2" flex head breaker
> > bar.
> >
> > The 1994 1.6TD frankenjetta, however, doesn't have space behind the
> > flying saucer to fit the socket, much less the socket and breaker bar!
> >
> > I was thinking of loosening the pump to get at things, then re-timing
> > everything afterwards.  Is there another brand of socket that fits or
> > some other solution for the TD?
> >
> > I suppose I could stick a wrench down there, but the po didn't use
> > anti-seize and I need some leverage.  (They did however, antiseize the
> > metal fuel lines so I had bits of gunk to carefully keep out of the fuel
> > system when I opened it up.)
> >
> > Will in Alaska
> >
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