[Vwdiesel] transmission seals

Johann Koenig explosive at hvc.rr.com
Sun May 22 23:48:06 EDT 2005

On Sunday May 22 at 09:00pm
Johann Koenig <explosive at hvc.rr.com> wrote:

> Hey, I'm replacing the main input seal and two output seals on my '85
> 020 ACH tranny.

Hmm, I'm hearing from a couple people that it should be 2 litres, not
3. I guess I can't actually say how much is in there. They way I'm
checking it is open the drain plug on the side, behind the drivers side
wheel, add fluid through the speedo cable hole until it leaks out, get
in the car, work the shifter, check again, plug the drain and add
another 0,5 litres. All while the car is level, of course. First time I
jacked all 4 corners about 8 inches and put blocks under the tires. When
I was in Canada, I just turned the wheels left and could get pretty easy
access to it.
-johann koenig
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