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Here in Canada they put spiggots into maple trees and let the sap run into
pails.  They collect rhe sap and when it is all gathered it is boiled over a
fire in a big tub and stirred.  The result is our world famous Maple Syrop.
Great on pancakes, etc.  I guess you could put maple sap in the crankcase of
a diesel angine and when it is time for an oil change, drain out the syrop
and use it on your pancakes! ;)

But seriously, I don't think sugar like syrops are suitable as engine fuels.
have you ever seen what happens when sugar dissolved in gasoline gets into
an engine?


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> As I was dreaming last night  I came across an interesting
> thought for an alternative source of power.  Why not use a
> 'sugar sirrup' . This would overcome the viscosity problems
> of some fuels.
> Don't you guys have something called corn sirrup? My Maya
> Given cookery book uses it.
> Miser
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