[Vwdiesel] Vanagon Diesel Starter replacement

jon jon at kenneke.com
Mon May 23 12:37:31 EDT 2005


It has comes time to replace my starter on a 1.6D Westy Vanagon. For
awhile, it has taken 5 to 10 tries to get it to engauge, and this is
*after* installing a "hot start" relay.

So, I've read Bentley, etc, but I always like to get a second (and third,
and so on) opinion. Anyone have any spiffy tips on replacing a starter?

I imagine all I need to do is cleanup/replace the solenoid once I get it
out. Again, any experience on this?

(And, in other news, I just experienced the dreaded headlight switch
meltdown. Ask me about how I used test leads to temporarily bypass the
switch so we could get 75 miles to home, in the middle of the night. And,
how on the same trip, the fuel filter clogged so quickly the engine died
on the freeway. Good thing I *always* carry a spare. :-I )



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