[Vwdiesel] Transmission info ---- ( IMPORTANT for 5 speed Rabbits )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue May 24 16:28:48 EDT 2005

  Faiures is almost always due to being low on gear oil due to the 
oops factor in not raising the level check hole.  Not sure how 
you optimize the acceleration on a 5 speed since on the diesels 
anyway, 4th was the same on both and 5th was a step higher 
for cruising.  Both have the same final drive ratios as well, at 
least in mine this was the case.

I Hagar zes  thank you Loren and  Roger Brown.  ----you may have prevented  Bunny Bondo
from having a major Tranney failure.

Fix ?    --- simple ----MEASURE quantety of oil in tranney.   -----Drive  front left tire up on a BRICK.
Then fill tranny with correct amount of Lube.

If   Alois was still alive I would send him a bitterly  worded complaint -----bloody right.

A level plug for a 4 speed on a 5 speed --????????        combine that with NO DIPSTICK ?.

I still remember   Shawn Wright   asking ---" does all Turbos leak ?" ------well this turbo does.

For you newbies ----it underlines what I have said for a long time.     READ ARCHIVES       and start
with LOREN. ----and work your way up the list ------just like I did.       ---- The brains there  ?
will blow your socks off.


PS :        Final ratio   on my 1982 1.6 L NA   4 speed     seems to be close to my   top    on 
Bunny Bondo  ( 5 )      1.6 L  Turbo 1984  Rabbit.      1982   ? --GL tranney   1984  ? - 7A tranney.

For the flyboys ?  -----my kolsman dial is  30 inches of mercury ----and you know what that means ?
"Bunny Bondo"  ---wants to stretch her legs ------so metal to pedal it is. (?).

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