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I just bought an International. 4 cylinder, 460 cu. in.  diesel engine in
which each cylinder is 115 cubic inches or about the displacement of an
entire 1.9 L VW diesel.  The bore is 4-3/4" and the stroke is 6-1/2 inches.
Redline is about 1600 RPM.  This engine has to make some serious torque!

It has a gasoline starting system with carburetor, spark plugs and magneto
in addition to the FI pump and injectors.  So here is a big diesel with a
gas tank!  It is quite an interesting engine I think.  I need it as it is
the proper engine for the TD-14 tracked crawler that I also just bought.  I
want to push some dirt in my yard!  That crawler weighs about 30,000 lbs.

Q. How do you move a bulldozer without an engine?
A. With another bulldozer.  I know this now.


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> Shucks, don't be silly.  I still have two gatanks and two diesel
> I'm sure there are other adulterers ( to lack a better word) on the list.
> Andrew
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