[Vwdiesel] head work

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Wed May 25 06:33:17 EDT 2005

Nick wrote...
In the quest to find some tranquility with my problems and
this broke cam, I
ran across a machine shop at  http://www.acheinc.com/

They don't have any 1.6L TD head available now but do get
them in.  They
told me that as long as it was rebuildable they would redo
my 1.6L TD head
for $200. Has anyone ever done business with this company?
That sounds like
an awesome deal. But then when Aluminum Head Rebuilders told
me that they
get the valves for these heads for $4 each then there really
isn't much in
the way of parts cost, it is mostly labor.

Try and find out what broke the cam. for example the 'over
long' valves. The sprocket slippage issue too. Could it be
it was just a bad 'mating' surface or could it be that
valve/piston clash on previous runs were causing the timing
belt to snatch it [the sprocket] round a few degrees...If
you can find the mistake if there was one then you'll
breathe easier later ;o)

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