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Fri May 27 22:23:43 EDT 2005

Hey guys --

Sorry been trying to post this for some time...sorry for the dupes if you have gotten some of my previous posts.

In the meantime, I think Sandy just answered the locking of the crankshaft question...anyway, here is the original post that never made it to you....

Just in the process of putting new timing belt, v-belts, water pump, front seals (trying to do all three) and valve cover gasket on my '91 Jetta N/A... 

Got everything figured out pretty much except for the unbolting of the crankshaft bolt (12pt-19mm) to get to the crankshaft seal... impact is the only way? tried strap wrench (using old timing belt) to hold sprocket, car in gear w/ brakes on...the crank still moves. I have been using breaker bar. I am about to just leave it as is but thought I would ask you guys how you do it. I have searched the archives and have found very little which surprised me (I have been using Shawn's search on his website is there a better way to access the archives?).

I have access to an impact wrench but am a bit worried about torquing the bolt back on once it is off. I have also thought about dropping the pan and stopping the crank from rotating that way but need the car back on the road soon and have already invested more time than I originally thought I would need. Any suggestions?

Thanks and have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend


BTW do you guys recommend using loctite when re-torquing it? Just seems a bit too permanent for me but I imagine a ruined engine is much worse?

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