[Vwdiesel] crankshaft bolts...

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat May 28 14:18:12 EDT 2005

> BTW do you guys recommend using loctite when re-torquing it? Just seems a bit too permanent for me but I imagine a ruined engine is much worse?

Hagar zes  :  a ruined engine is much worse?    ---   bet your sweet ass.

But let me backtrack a bit.    ---- the reason I am in lockstep with  guys like Val Christian ,James Hansen,Gary Bangs
and so on ?   ----   EXPERIENCE -----lots and lots of experience.

This forum is the absolutely BEST place for handling this question. (IMHO)---WHY ?   ---the
flyboys are here ----not the diesel mechanics --hells bells they are in the  flyboy forum.(exception Loren)

I am NOT in lockstep with Loren ----BUT I still rely on him a lot   ----ignore him at your own peril.

A bolt or nut coming loose can ruin a fine summers day ?   bet your ass  ---read on.   Does a diesel vibrate and shake ?   ------EH ?.---------- read on      (got it ?)

When I lived in Sandy Cameron land -----nice summers ? EH ?  ---winters could be pure hell.

But this tale took place on a perfect day at Carp Airport   ----aircraft was a little airknocker  CF-BOS.
65 HP Continental.

Girl in the office lookes at me the young flyboy    and say aren't you lucky  ----you are going to be the first
to fly the freshly majored engine  ---BIG SMILE.

To make it legal it must be testflown by Russ Bradley the boss.  ----- I am wayting .   Finally a young kid
comes in and says she is ready to go.  I heard Russ say all screwns ok and tight ?   ---kid said
yes sir (he was talking cowling screws)    ----Russ was thinking PROP   bolts. (flange type engine)
there was six bolts.

Russ takes off -----it it allmost noon  ---his chief pilot heads for home for lunch in his Station wagon.
His wife in the ri

ght seat.    Russ throtles back  -----props keeps going .     Russ makes a dead stick
at Carp.  -----chief pilots wife says   dear was that not a prop in the ditch ? ---he backs up  ---takes
prop and brings it back to Carp after lunch ----I am still bullshitting secretary.

After lunch prop was reinstalled -----I flew it all that afternoon happy as a skylark.

It is my guess that Val Christian and James Hansen  and Sandy Cameron will enjoy this TRUE
tale ---EH ?.

MORAL of TALE ?     ---lock the bolts and studs and nuts ---NO matter what anyone say.

In your case use  BLUE Locktite.   ----as to RED locktite on steel  in light alloy parts be cafull.

Next Hagar tale ? ---might be why we need to lap in tapers.

PS:      Last night we got hit by a HEATWAVE here. ------ right now ?      nice and cool.


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