[Vwdiesel] crankshaft bolts...

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Sat May 28 15:21:30 EDT 2005

> But let me backtrack a bit.    ---- the reason I am in lockstep with  =
> guys like Val Christian ,James Hansen,Gary Bangs
> and so on ?   ----   EXPERIENCE -----lots and lots of experience.
> A bolt or nut coming loose can ruin a fine summers day ?   bet your ass  =
> ---read on.   Does a diesel vibrate and shake ?   ------EH ?.---------- =
> read on      (got it ?)
> When I lived in Sandy Cameron land -----nice summers ? EH ?  ---winters =
> could be pure hell.
> But this tale took place on a perfect day at Carp Airport   ----aircraft =
> was a little airknocker  CF-BOS.
> 65 HP Continental.

After 8300 hours PIC, and 32 years of flying, I've had three engine failures.
All were within 20 hours of a fresh major, or factory new.  There's allot
to be said about something which has proven operational viability.  


ps: Make that 32 years and 20 days of flying.

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