[Vwdiesel] seatbelt question

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Sat May 28 22:33:28 EDT 2005

I would try and see what the dealer will do. Being a safety item and now
with the click it or ticket across the country here in the US you never
know. Doesn't hurt to ask.

Now that I have the '00 TDI back running I'm trying to fix a lot of the 
stuff I let go while the engine was in disarray.  I have the folding 
back seats and when I last folded them down, the center seat belt locked 
fully retracted and I couldn't get it back out.  I poked around on the 
TDIclub.com website and found some mentions of this happening and the 
concensus was that if pulling the backseat out and getting it vertical 
and giving it some slack didn't fix it, it's going to require 
replacement.  I called up the dealer and they'd never heard of the 
problem (despite the number of posts on TDIclub).  For a mere $409, 
though, they'd replace the center belt tensioner.  The seat back is 
sitting beside me here in the house, but I'm not entirely comfortble 
opening up the tensioner myself (isn't it pyrotechnically opearated?).  
I live alone and never really use that seat, but I'd still like to get 
it working.  At least I can lock the seat back upright now and use the 
whole back seat.  I was getting worried about that affecting my social 

Anyone fought that battle?  I think it's important enough that VW ought 
to fix it, but being 5 years and 155K miles old, I'm not sure what 
leverage I'd have.  Apparently some dealers (Honda) lifetime warranty 
their belts.  I just don't think VW is that kind of company, though. 


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