[Vwdiesel] Transmission fluid draining

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun May 29 11:49:37 EDT 2005

Sure, but when did this start happening?  Some of us
have transmissions that are 25-30 years old.


I    OLD      Hagar the   hillbilly has used GL-5        (jepper GEAR LUBE Esso)      for years and years.
And Bunny Bondo   1984 1.6 L  Turbo Rabbit with   5 on the floor  ----just loves it     ?.

We had lots of dicussions about  GL-4 versus GL-5     in this forum .   So being an uninformed
ignoranemuss ---I phoned the  Refiners at Sarnia.    ------ The way I remember it  ?   they

GL-4 was     superceded by GL-5     ---and they no longer made GL-4 available .   That is
from MobilExxon. -----  I am living proof that they were right .------the synchromess works like
a charm   ------  The Zinc versus Copper issue  ---is no longer a problem -----they said.

Hagars    2 Canadian cents ------  so have a worryfree long drive this holliday ----Follow Hagar
and you cant go too far wrong.


PS :     Hagar is mad as hell for not having a dipstick in that tranney. -----BUT he is working on it.

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